The Project in a Nutshell

        The changing climate brings about severe impacts on the road network in Mozambique. Increased precipitation, strong winds, landslides and flooding cause damage to the existing roads. Floods are common in the country and the last devastating flood took place in January 2013. The country’s East-West road links are especially vulnerable because they run through river basins as for example the Zambezia Valley road network. The Government acknowledges the problem and has decided to improve the road infrastructure to be more climate resilient in order to address high level of poverty and accelerate economic growth in the country.

     FinnOC has started a three-year project to increase the capacity of the National Road Administration (ANE) in making the national network climate resilient. The objective of the consultancy services is to develop adaptive capacity to integrate climate change aspects into planning and design of the road transport infrastructure in Mozambique. The project includes five specific objectives; 

The project has 5 sub-components as follows:

1. Climate Proofing of the Cuamba-Muita-Massangulo-Lichinga Road in the Nacala Corridor
2.  Road Network Vulnerability Assessment and Mapping
3.  Financial and Economic Issues
4.  Road Asset Management and Technical Issues

5.  Capacity Development and Mainstreaming of Climate Change Adaptation at    ANE


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